Twitter Polls: The New Survey Tool

News 05:09 September 2023:

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If you own a business, customer feedback is an awesome thing to have. It can help to drive the direction of the business, discuss what problems and issues need to be addressed and help to identify where exactly efforts in building your brand should go. Among the different ways that this was often done is through surveys and online polls. Prior, however, these polls were anything but simple. They often required a great deal of involvement and lengthy responses. Now, though, social media is changing the way that businesses interact with their customers and Twitter is a site that is leading the pack.

Twitter has unleashed a new feature known as Twitter Polls. These Twitter Polls are quick and to the point and provide individuals the chance to share their opinions with a page administrator. There are not lengthy discussions that need to be had or an exorbitant amount of time necessary to discuss with those on the backend of the site. Instead, this site provides the opportunity for pages to ask for feedback and get it from their audience in a matter of moments. Those that want to hear from their consumers should really check it out and start incorporating it into their survey and feedback tool repertoire.