Using geotagging to get free followers on instagram for new businesses

Celebrities and public figures attract the highest number of followers on any social media platform. On instagram, the same case applies. Celebrities lead, other popular brands and organizations follow and the common folk struggle to get new free likes and  free followers. Small and medium sized businesses especially find it hard to get new followers unless they really work smart. And by working smart, businesses can choose to post the best of their photos, tag the area they are located or tag an influential person who is active on twitter and also lives near their location.

Geotagging is also the best way to get new and relevant followers on instagram for businesses. This is because businesses usually look for more than free followers. They are usually after customers, and the best way to find customers on instagram is to geotagg, follow other popular brands related to yours and engage with people who often like or comment on your posts. And finally, while using hash tags and posting relevant photos on instagram are two great ways to attract free followers, being interactive with the general instagram community is the best way to get the highest number of followers for any business or individual.


Well, for those on twitter, you will agree with me that it is not such a simple thing to get twitter likes as well as followers. As a matter of fact, it takes one a great deal of patience until your account starts getting many likes and retweets as well. Furthermore those who would love to become famous on social media have found it quite difficult due to low numbers of likes. So perhaps you are wondering, could there be an easier way in which one can get more likes without any hustle whatsoever? Well, yes there is.

Did you know that you could purchase automatic twitter likes for your account? In as much as not many people are aware of this, yes you can. By purchasing the premium of your choice, you get to receive instant likes when you post a tweet. Amazing right? And you do not need to struggle hard to get people liking your posts or keep on texting from morning to evening just to get the attention of people to like your tweets. It is simple and result oriented and you will be surprised how the package will go a long way in helping you build a following.

Twitter Polls: The New Survey Tool

If you own a business, customer feedback is an awesome thing to have. It can help to drive the direction of the business, discuss what problems and issues need to be addressed and help to identify where exactly efforts in building your brand should go. Among the different ways that this was often done is through surveys and online polls. Prior, however, these polls were anything but simple. They often required a great deal of involvement and lengthy responses. Now, though, social media is changing the way that businesses interact with their customers and Twitter is a site that is leading the pack.

Twitter has unleashed a new feature known as Twitter Polls. These Twitter Polls are quick and to the point and provide individuals the chance to share their opinions with a page administrator. There are not lengthy discussions that need to be had or an exorbitant amount of time necessary to discuss with those on the backend of the site. Instead, this site provides the opportunity for pages to ask for feedback and get it from their audience in a matter of moments. Those that want to hear from their consumers should really check it out and start incorporating it into their survey and feedback tool repertoire.


Perhaps there is no better avenue in which you could use as a blogger to promote your website and increase the reading count of your blogs other than through social media. Social media platforms have played a very significant role in making the world a small global village and if you are intending to reach word out there to the world about your blog site, why don’t you try twitter. Twitter, the world’s leading social network, could be an opportune avenue for you to put your blog on the map.

However, you could experience a few ups and downs with the low numbers of likes and followers as well. But that should not discourage you at all. In a bid to make your account the hot thing, you can purchase automatic twitter likes that will be received instantly on posting a tweet on your twitter handle. Once people notice that you have high numbers of twitter likes, they develop an interest in whatever it is you post and by posting links on your blog site, you are bound to increase your readers count each day.

Twitter Polls: What Are They Good For?

The world of social media is consistently updating and changing. This is great and can really help to meet consumer needs and drive their interests. After all, no one wants a page or to be part of a social media outlet that is not exactly keeping up with the trend. It can also make it difficult to get engaged with a site that seems to be stale and not evolving with the times. Twitter is a page that is rising to the occasion with their new Twitter Polls feature.

When a page needs to gauge interest or discuss a potential release, they need feedback. Twitter polls can provide that in a quick and meaningful way. This allows individuals the chance to give their information and share their opinion in a simple and easy way. That means that Twitter poll options can be a quick way to ensure that a page is hearing from their customers without long and lengthy surveys or discussing issues directly with them. For those that ware interested in building their page, brand, or simply their presence on social media, this feature is an awesomely amazing tool to do just that. It is also a great way to show that a page is on trend and interested in what their audience has to offer.